Will EN 21 be an upgrade to EN X9? EN 20 was not

I once changed from EN X9 to EN 20, only to find out that the layout was horrible (which I probably could live with) but many features I used in EN X9 were no longer available. So I changed back rather quickly, for me EN20 was a downgrade.

EN20 is the Clarivate version of windows 8. Will EN21 be based on 20 or on X9? Should I upgrade this time?

V21 is based on V20 so much, so I had to check the “about” to confirm I was looking at V21 not V20.

If you didn’t like V20, you won’t like V21.

There are a lot of V19 users asking for mods to v20 (and I assume the same mods in V21) so you may well see a V22 that is more to your liking.


Is there anyway to buy EN X9? I’ve been patient with EN 20 waiting for EN 21 to come out, and then after downloading EN 21 and trying a few days, I uninstalled it. Interface is the same as EN 20. Still has the downgrade of having no way for user preferences on relocating/resizing window location, that I could find. I’ve filled records with rich information and can’t read them in a little tall, narrow column. I understand the EN X9 20 and 21 database structures are all compatible.

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