endnote 20, shall I wait to upgrade?

From the comments from those who  already have the started to  use endnote 20 I see some comments that would be an issue for me to.

Is it  best to wait for an update to endnote 20?

My endnote 9.3.3 works fine?



I have heard PDF preview was removed. That is a dealbreaker for me.

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From my point of view EN20 is not an improvement of X9.3 – it’s much harder to use and it seems to be mainly an interface “improvement” (irony) so far.

If I new that so many nice features (e.g. PDF preview, icons for commands) were removed I would have waited.


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Double-click the reference to see the PDF pane!

You still cannot see the actual PDF on the preview pane, that’s probably what they were talking about.

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Agreed! I made an error “upgrading.” I paid lots of money to get a program with much reduced functionaliity and flexibility  compared with Endnote 8.  My particular issues are:

  1. screen text is fixed to default and you can only change the font size. The spidery text plus white background are high contrast and eye straining for me.

  2. The black field on the left takes up valuable screen space I would rather devote to my references. You can’t move this above the refs either

  3. All the single use buttons have gone so you need to use/remember a series of double key strokes to do the same actions.

  4. You can’t press delete on you keyboard to delete a reference.

  5. The contents of the drop down menus have changed and moved - not that logically as far as I am concerned.

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Endnote 20, for me at least, is a HUGE disappointment. They took an excellent program and gutted all the best features. You cannot have more than one reference open at a time (no windows nor tabs for that); you cannot preview the PDF next to the reference or in the same window; and the interface itself looks amateurish at best. It really is just sad.

I do not recommend upgrading. Stick with X9. In fact, it may be the last Endnote version I ever use.

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Endnote 20 gutted all of the best features of Endnote: you can’t preview PDFs in the same window as the references; you cannot have multiple references open at the same time (in tabs or windows); and the interface looks amateurish at best.

Stick with Endnote X9. Unless there are huge future changes which correct the direction they have gone, it will be the last version of Endnote that I ever use. It really is sad.

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Absolutely wait to upgrade!

Endnote 20 is a massive disappointment. PDFs are not viewable except in a separate window, you cannot have more than one reference open at a time (either in a separate window or in a tab), and the interface looks amateurish at best.

I don’t know what they were thinking with this release.

Stick with Endnote X9 until they either greatly improve this new version, or revert to what worked with all the previous versions.

Seriously. Don’t upgrade. 


I wrote to EndNote support and asked for a refund of my pre-purchase I never downloaded.

I have to agree with everyone that EN20 appears to be a misstep as far as user experience is concerned.  I wonder to what extent their decisions were fueled by a desire toward convergance of mobile and desktop versions. This desktop vs. mobile issue has ruined many a desktop application.

I suggest that you wait.  I’ve found many bugs - bugs that have been identified by the EndNote team.  In addition, there are changes that have made it more difficult for me to use - like not being able to open a PDF within EndNote, not being able to change the case in a single click, etc.  I regret having upgraded.

I regret upgrading.  Per communication with the EndNote team, I’ve found many bugs that others have also found.  At this point, I can’t figure out whether things that are “missing” like previewing a PDF are a bug or are things that they decided to permanently remove.