X9, 20 & 21 Compatibility

Are EndNote library formats compatible between X9, 20 and 21?

I would anticipate that 21’s format will be different, since tags were introduced, and any transition to 21 would prohibit going back to 20 unless it would be from a backup.

Could EN X9 open EN 20 libraries?


That article, despite its title, only mentions EndNote 9.3 it does NOT mention V20 or V21

I know that V20 changed and upgraded the databases. So I now have endnote-database and endnote-V20 databases.

V21 did not appear to do any database updates to the V20 databases so I can only assume (silly I know) that the new V20 system is extendable or that the structure for tags (and other improvements?) were added to the database structure in V20.

Thank you very much. I was already exporting to XML for sharing libraries with folks on macOS who have transition from EndNote to Bookends after EN 20’s release.

The database structure remains the same since X9.3, also for EN20 and 21.
However, here are some important facts about the tags:

• When you share your library with other EN21 users, they’ll see the tags.
• Tags are not retained when doing an export, copied to another library, or when sharing groups.
• EndNote 20 and earlier users simply won’t see the tags in a shared library, but the tags will be preserved and remain visible in EndNote 21.
• EndNote 20 and earlier can open and use an EndNote 21 library file just fine, but the tags will not be displayed. If that same library file is opened by EndNote 21 afterwards, the tags will be retained.
• Using the Recover Library utility with EndNote 20 or earlier will remove the tags from the library.

OK, Just realized I went from Endnote 18 to EndNote 20. So the change was at EN19 which I missed, hence seeing a V20 update but not one at V21. Makes sense.

change was actually at ENX9.3 - so ENX9, .1 and .2 are the old structure.

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It seems strange that it was changed on a “minor” update number. These things are usually done one a major release.

The structure change was done with a patch as Apple made the decision to drop all 32-bit application support with the release of macOS Catalina, which had an impact on EndNote X9.2


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