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seems to indicate that at least one person has worked around the fact that EndNote 13 and Word 14 don’t play nicely together. Can anyone provide more specifics about what to copy where? I have copied many combinations of the addins and DLLs to both the startup directory in program files as well as the users profile to no avail.



There is no information from the developers available yet.  They have this web page to monitor for progress.  http://www.endnote.com/enword2k7.asp.  The downside of beta testing products… is not everything works I guess. 

We are not planning to run EN X3 with beta Office 2010. However, Office 2010 will be available mid-May, and we are preparing system images right now, and I have no idea whether we will be able to roll out Office 2010 this summer as we have been planning.

I understand developers are ill-inclined to make software work with beta versions, however, the beta versions provide them the opportunity to determine what needs to be fixed, and hopefully,  that this information can be communicated to their user base, so that their user base can plan accordingly.

I don’t want to scotch our plans to roll out Office 2010 June 1, only to find out on June 15 that they’ve fixed the issue.

I’m almost certain if Office 2010 is out in May, Thomson Reuters won’t have updates in June. Historically, it took “months”. If there are serious issues like…frequent system hangs and BSODs, affecting system performance, etc, they are quick to fix. Otherwise, they tend to accumulate bug fixes until they release the first update. This is just my prediction, but comes from my past experience.

The final version of Office 2010 released to manufacturing 10 days ago and was made available to developers and IT professionals earlier this morning.  Furthermore, Office 2010 has been in feature-lock since Beta 2.  The Endnote addin freezes Word 2010 shortly after startup on 2 of our test machines.  There’s also 64-bit compatiblity to worry about since a 64-bit processes cannot load a 32-bit addin; that is simply a fundamental architectural limitation.

Given that Microsoft is very good about giving developers free access to pre-release versions of their software, I generally expect software companies to have compatible versions available shortly after Microsoft products hit RTM.  As an example of a company that does this well, JetBrains released the final version of their ReSharper product the very same day that Visual Studio was released to manufacturing last week.  No excuses about dev builds, unreleased products, retail dates, etc.  Just getting things done.

Now I understand that there are testing cycles involved, but I’m becoming more and more frustrated with companies that delay these kinds of updates when they’ve had months to work with feature-frozen builds.  There is no company that gives developers early-access to their software as well as Microsoft does.  If Endnote waits until Office 2010’s June retail release date to make the Word 2010 addin compatible, we’ll be using an alternative by then.

I must agree with MarkCohen. If TR can’t fix the issue after a few weeks, I’ll switch to one of the many programs that work

I now  use MS-Office 2010 with Endnote X2

Thanx, maybe I’ll use X2 until “sometime this summer”

The official Office 2010 RTM has launched.  It’s up on MSDN for those with subscriptions. Please solve the X3-word 2010 problem ASAP. Thanks.