Document jumps to end each time I add a citation

I’m using Endnote X with Word 2007 and am working on a document I’ve been working on for some months.

I’ve resolved some issues with the field codes re-appearing and also with it shutting down each time I add a citation, but I’m foxed by the latest problem. (I put in the two earlier issues in case they are related to the next.)

Each time I add a new citation the document flits to the bibliography at the end.  this is not the end of the world as I can flick back through the document to find out where I was, and luckily, the new citation is present.  But it’s a long document and a bit of a faff.  Any hints or tips for how I resolve it? 

Many thanks

Have you tried unformatting the document’s citations then removing all hidden field codes?  Refer to the link below for instructions from the Thomson Reuters support site:

Thank you. You couldn’t clarify the link could you — it seems to take me back to this page.  The title of the message would be fine.  Thanks again. 

I think this is the correct link.

or more specifically here:

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