Word 2015 closes when inserting Endnote citation


I have been working on a document for quite some while, and everything worked fine when I insertet citations through EndNote. Suddenly the document closed immediately when I inserted a new source, and it have kept on that way ever since. I use mac and have Endnote x7. 

What can I do to fix it?

I have tested out all my references in a new document, and in that new document it works fine.

My original document, which I really need to work, also closes if I choose “Update Citations and Bibliography”. 

Make a copy of the document.  

Can you Convert citations to unformatted citations?  

If so then select all and Ctrl+6 command to remove all field information and then try to update citations and bibliography.  

Thank you for answering!

I can convert to Unformatted Citations. When I select all and then ctrl+6 it says: 

“This document does not contain any editable citations. Citations must be formatted to use the Edit Citations tool.”

When I tried to update citations and bibliography it gave me some citations that I had to choose the right source to, and when I finished this word shut down again.

So I tried to remove the sources it couldn`t find, but it didnt help. When I try to update citations and bibliography now it shuts down immediately.

Can you PM me?  (I have also PMed you).  

try select all and then ctrl+Shift+F9 I think AFTER converting to unformated).  

I have now sent you a PM :)