Word automatically converts citations to plain text

Hi everyone,

I have a question concerning citations using EndNote (V. 21.2) in Word (V. 2310). Whenever I save and close the document, the citations and bibliography are automatically converted to plain text.

Anybody has a solution?

Hi Daniel!

It probably sounds like the Word document is not saved as .doc or .docx.

Another reason could be that the Word document is saved in a cloud drive e.g. iCloud, DropBox, SharePoint etc. This issue can occur if you have opened the Word document in the browser or online, or if you have accessed the Word document from another device or a different Word processor (e.g. Google Docs or OpenOffice).

A full list of other reasons are listed in their Knowledge Base site here:
EndNote - Do’s and Don’ts (clarivate.com)

As a workaround, you may want to convert the EndNote citations to unformatted when you are done working with the document (before closing the document).

You can convert the citations to unformatted by clicking on the EndNote 21 toolbar > “Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Unformatted Citations”.

Unformatted EndNote citations can be automatically converted back to formatted citations the next time you open the Word document via the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command in the EndNote 21 toolbar in Word. You may find out more about this here:
EndNote: Instant Formatting settings in Word (clarivate.com)

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much Faaiz, that is so helpful and relieving! I wonder if there is an even a better solution - i.e., changing the format of the document (which is OpenDocument Text) to .doc or docx, and so I would not have to convert the citation to unformatted citations every time? The risk, of course, is that I forget doing this, and lose all my bibliographical work.

Many thanks again!

My pleasure Daniel! Changing the document format is fortunately quite straightforward, especially using Microsoft Word. The following will create a copy of your document in the preferred format.

First, open the document you wish to change the format of using Microsoft Word, then click on the “File” tab. Next, you may follow the screenshot below:

You may then try to insert 1 EndNote citation into the newly-saved document, and see if it remains as EndNote citation when re-opening the document :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much again, that works.
Happy new year✨

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I am truly glad to hear that :muscle:

Happy new year to you as well Daniel! :raised_hands:

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