LibreOffice Writer: Endnote citations and bibliography are converted to plain text

Dear all,

I use MS Office 365 ProPlus and EndNote X7. I got the following problem: a colleague uses LibreOffice Writer without EndNote. When I send him a .docx-file and he edits it and then sends the file back to me, all Endnote citations and bibliography are converted to plain text. What can we do so that the EndNote citations and bibliography are kept in EndNote-format despite editing the file in different programs? I do not have this problem if colleagues edit my files who have MS Office installed (without EndNote X7).

Please advise.



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The EndNote tech specs at does not list LibreOffice as a compatible word processor – so this might be an issue.

Also, did the document sent to your colleague contain formatted in-text citations or unformatted citations (having curly braces)? If the document had formatted citations you might run a test by sending your colleague a few pages containing unformatted citations; have your colleague do some test editing then return the document. You can then try testing whether the temporary citations can be updated to formatted citations. If the test works then you will just need to unformat your document to change the citations to temporary citations before sending the document to your colleague.

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