Word Count

Hi there,

I’m having problems with my MS Word count. It appears that the in text citation, a mere 5 words, when highlighted is showing in the staus bar at the bottom of MS Word as 200+ words. 

I found a couple of other threads but they didn’t seem to solve the issue and referred to very old versions.  My searches come up empty handed.

Can anybody refer me to a link so I can read up on this issue?

My Endnote version is X7 build 7072 and MS Word is 2013.

Thanks in advance.

Did you read this one?  I don’t think anything has changed from X4 to X7 – It is a Word thing, not an endnote thing.  

Thanks Leanne.

Hi Leanne

Don’t know if you’re still there or not but I thought I’d post anyway. This does not appear to be only a ‘Word thing’ - I have isolated it to a single specific citation in my Endnote library. All other citations that I’ve used so far are counted correctly. I’ve looked at the citation but can’t identify anything unusual about it, but if I change it for another then it gets counted correctly. This seems to indicate that there is something about certain types of citation that triggers the problem, even if the underlying reason my be Word’s processing of the text.

Happy to provide the example for troubleshooting if your interested.