Status bar word count way more than status bar dialogue (X4, Word 2010, Windows 7)

For some sections of text, I get a word count that’s erroneously much higher in the status bar than in the dialogue. Screenshot below and at this link: (

Could this have something to do with EndNote? It only seems to happen in paragraphs with citations in them, and inconsistently. If I count just the citation, no problem. Just the paragraph text, no problem. Text AND citation: problem. Strange…Any ideas?

When EndNote formats a reference to the style of your choosing, it changes the reference from a temporary citation format {Jones, 1999 #43} to a lot of code that contains all the reference information:


<EndNote><Cite><Author>Jones</Author><Year>1999</Year><RecNum>43</RecNum><DisplayText>(Jones, 1999)</DisplayText>…etc…

Normally you only see the text representation of this code, (Ulrich and Eppinger, 2008) but the word count at the bottom of the page is counting the words in the code, not the text representation. Only when using the actual Word Count tool, do you get a reading without field codes.

You can normally toggle the field code view back and forth by pressing ALT and F9 at the same time. This will show you what’s actually in the document, rather than just the text representation.

Thanks for explaning. Not sure why the status bar “quick count” would count differently than the dialogue…but if that’s how it’s programmed, then it makes sense. Maybe a future Word version will fix it…

Hi Fuhaku

There appears to be something about particular Endnote citations that triggers this problem. I have isolated it to a single specific citation in my Endnote library. All other citations that I’ve used so far are counted correctly. I’ve looked at the citation but can’t identify anything unusual about it, but if I change it for another then it gets counted correctly. This seems to indicate that there is something about certain types of citation that triggers the problem, even if the underlying reason my be Word’s processing of the text.

Happy to provide the example for troubleshooting if your interested.