Word Count anomaly using PC w/Windows 7, MS word 2007

Firstly, I apologise if this isn’t the correct site to post this question -

I am having a problem with the word count function. To eliminate causes of the problem and clear out any previous bugs I started to type my thesis again -  for the third time (I suspected I was importing the problem to previous “new” documents by cutting and pasting text with references (I use footnote style)

I found that after 4 references, with word count function working properly, the 5th reference on the page stopped it working - regardless of which reference I inserted. I thought maybe it was becuase the reference was from a webpage - but not the case. Any reference beyond the 4th stops the word count working when I select text including the 5th reference superscript.

Any advice would be gratefully received - I’ve wasted so much time on this problem and time’s running out - but I really need to know where I am all the way and I rely on word count.



What version of EndNote are you using?  Only EndNote X4 is recommended for Windows 7.

X4 wasn’t available through the Uni - but have just sorted the problem - I have to select footnote superscript in text & then de-select “include footnotes in word count”  - somehow some of the references aren’t included as a default (or when box is not checked for “include footnotes in word count”)  …if that makes any sense!!!

Thanks for responding  - for all other things, I love using endnote :>

Hi Jules,  I am having the same issue, the word count on word one. Can you spell out how you did the superscript thing. I have trawled through every menu on both word and endnote. I am trying to write a paper as well and know how many word in a particular section is extremely handy.