Word .doc file with Endnote X refs previously inserted won't sync up with revised Endnote X database


I have a Word .doc file with lots of inserted Endnote X references. The Endnote X database has since been updated but has the same name, can be opened fine, etc. However, when I click on “Go to Endnote” or “edit citation” in Word nothing happens (i.e., Endnote does not open, window does not open for citation edits, etc.). I have to open the Endnote database separately. If I try to insert a selected reference in the Word doc file, similarly nothing happens. It seems that there is a problem in communicating between Word and Endnote.



Check this FAQ regarding possible Endnote toolbar conflicts with certain other  Word Add-ins.



You are awesome! Thanks, that solved the problem. There was an ODF addin that was installed that was apparently conflicting with Endnote. When I removed it, that did the trick.

Thanks again, and have a great day!!