inserted citation different from selected

I’m using EndNote X@ in a Mac OS 10.5 with Office 2008 (MS Word). Sometimes when I select a citation in Endnote and then insert it (either from Endnote or from Word) a different reference is inserted on the Word text. It is always the same, but the wrong one. This is annoying and just one of the MULTIPLE problems Endnote has with Office for Mac.

Any help for this particular one? 

This is exactly the problem that I am having with Endnote X.0.2 with a PC and MS Word 2007. I select a citation, insert it and it inserts a different reference (usually the one that should be one prior).

It only happens with one document. And the problem starts midway through the document.

How do I solve this corruption problem without typing out an entire new document? I erase the citations completely, and it still occurs.

Any one with any suggestions?

Yep, look here

or go directly to this FAQ