Workflow enhancement: Copy reference to local library and find full text.

The typical workflow of a scientist is to search for an article (e.g., based on author name and publication year), to retrieve the reference, and also to retrieve the PDF of the article.

EndNote could do a much better job in supporting this workflow.

Currently, when I have found an article that may be of interest to me, this is what I need to do:

(1) Click “Copy to Local Library” to copy a selected reference to my local library.
(2) Switch to my local library.
(3) Select “Copied References”
(4) Select the relevant reference
(5) Click on “Find full text”

I suggest to add the option to replace these 5 steps by just a single step:

(1) Copy the selected reference to my local library and find full text.

One way to do this would be to add, in Preferences, an Option to select: “Include ‘Find full text’ when copying references to local library”

This would be a real time saver and make using EndNote much more fluent and efficient.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.