Attaching PDF files to references, without separate download?

Today we can download references from websites. This puts the reference straight into Endnote.

If the PDF article copy is available (free, bought, or subscription) I want that too.

How can you attach PDFs directly to the EndNote reference, without first downloading the

PDF locally (saved on PC) and then find and link it, or paste it, into the PDF-option in the reference?

Is there a direct way to get the PDF file attached to the reference without first storing it locally?


AK, Norway (

EndNote X2 and later versions have the “Find Full Text” feature which searches and downloads text and pdf files. There’s also OpenURL and Authentication capability. The ability to locate and download the text and pdf files, however,  may be limited by the searched database parameters as well as access. 

For more information about  the EndNote “Finding Full Text” feature there’s a handout at: