wrong a's and b's

Hi, I have 2 references with similar (but not the same) authors:

Fitzsimmons, K.E, E. J. Rhodes, J. W. Magee and T. T. Barrows 2007


Fitzsimmons, K.E, J. M. Bowler, E. J. Rhodes and J. W. Magee 2007

Endnote is adding 2007a and 2007b where this should not be the case. Obvioulsy its recongising similar gorups of authors and assuming they are the same. How do I work aorund this?



So in the text citation, they are always showing all authors, included 2nd time cited?  What output style and journal are you targeting for submission?  Usually if more than 3 authors, only the first author et al is shown and the year is appended with a letter.  sometimes more authors are shown the first time cited, but later only the first author is listed.  

The settings that control this, is under the citation, Ambiguous Citations.  If you are showing all authors all the time in citations, you  probably have setting similar to APA 7th set.   

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