same author and same year


  I have two reference articles whose authors and years are the same.  But they are cited in the same manner, such as (John 2003).  I’d like them to be cited like (John 2003a) and (John 2003b).  I’ve unchecked “Merge duplicates in bibiliography” (Preferences->Formatting), but problems still exist.

Thank you in advance.


Did you check the “Ambiguous Citations” section of your output style (go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLE, EDIT [name of style])? 

The Ambiguous Citations has a setting for adding a letter after a year (see image).  This option should be checked.  You could also select the first option to include author’s initials or full name to distinguish authors with the same name.  Close the style’s window when completed.  If prompted to save the style note as a Copy, remember to change the output style in both EndNote an your wordprocessor or the changes won’t take effect.