X1: How to convert pdf-files (attached as Figures) into "real" attachments (the new File Attachments field)?


I have upgraded from an earlier version of EndNote to X1. My libraries have lots of pdfs files inserted, some in the Figures field (that used to be the only possibility), others (the newer ones) as proper attachments in the File Attachments field. Is there any way to convert the former into the latter? I do know that X2 offers such a possibility but I was wondering whether the same could also be done within X1.

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X2 doesn’t convert the kind of attachment, it just goes out and gets a new one, leaving the “figure” version still attached.  I just keep the old attachments in their old field, especially for older records which are not necessarily available. 

As you say, EndNote X2 has a new command (References>Figure>Convert Figures to File Attachments) which moves the attached figures to the File Attachments. I can’t think of any way of doing this automatically in EndNote X1.

wow, I missed that one.  ACTG and John!  thanks.

I also have similart issue to convert PDF file to another attachment. Thanks for jonheast that gave a guide on it. My PDF files conversion works perfectly.