X3 library with v. 9 - possible to open?

Hello all,

I recently received a library to edit and edited all the references carefully, saved a copy and changed the name of the library.

I then found out my partner is using EndNote 9, and it appears she can’t open the .eml I am sending her. Is there something I can do?

Additionally, she sent me her paper so that I could ‘update bibliograpy’ in Word. (Word 2007). However, when I try to do so, it doesn’t change any of the entries to reflect my edits.

Can anyone help? Thank you!!!


Are you sure she is using EN9, because X3 libraries should still be compatible with EN9 but not EN7.  Some of the bells and whistles will be missing, but unless you had to “convert” the library when you opened it, it should be compatible.  

When you carefully edited the references, did you copy the references to a new library or just  “Save As”?  

If “save as” then 

When you edited the references, were any of the changes to the first Author name or the publication year?  

If no then

Was her original document in a different version of Word?

Did you try to unformat and reformat the word document in Word 2007 with the current library?  

This last step is something you can do no matter what answers you gave to the previous questions.  If you copied the library, you will be prompted to look for each reference from the new library.  If you changed any first author names or publication year, you will be prompted to insert the corrected reference from the new library.  

Thanks for the feedback.

Actually, when I edited the entries, I just made changes and saved the changes…then I just “saved a copy” with a different name.But it seems that the references have their own existence and when I open the original version of the library I got it still reflects the changes I made to the references. I’m still learning this software for sure!

I think I may have edited the first author name of one or two references - this would be easy for me to do manually afterward if there is some fix.

So I’m afraid I went about it in the wrong way and am not sure what to do. Haven’t had luck un/re-formatting in Word, but I’m going to try to install the older version of Word she has and see if it helps at all.

Any other suggestions are much appreciated!


I also noticed that when I try to replace/reformat/edit citations, there are only 3 entries that seem to be coded for EndNote…that is, there are three things in brackets that I get prompted for…none of the bib references seem to be recognized…ideas?

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