Importing Endnote X library into Endnote Ver. 9?

My writer has Endnote X and I have Endnote 9. She created a library which I want to import into my current library. My first attempt to open the library directly, resulted in an error message stating I was unauthorized to perform the function.  Next I tried to import the library into one I created.  No references were imported.  I tried once again to open the library directly and it did open this time, but it showed “0” references.

I’m thinking this is a compatibility issue because I’ve got the older version of Endnote.  Is there any way around this?  What can I do?  Thank you for any help.

There shouldn’t be any compatibility issue between libraries in those two versions. 

Possibly it is a permissions problem.  Either you do not have permission to open the library, because it is in a location that you can’t read, or the .enl and/or .DATA folder are read write protected? 

Have you copied it from somewhere?  Do you also have the .DATA folder in the same location?  If not, start over and  get both the .enl and .DATA folders. 

Has she “compressed” the library using the file “send to” command?  (is it an enlx file and not an .enl file)?  I can’t remember if Endnote 9 can handle compressed files. 

The .ENL and .DATA file are in the same location.  I will check the permission status and then if it doesn’t work I’ll check with the writer regarding “compression” of files.  Will get back to you.  Thanks for the direction.

Please note that if you had had only the .enl file and openned it, it would create a .DATA file in that location (which may be empty, and not recreate the correct .DATA file). 

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Thanks.  I deleted all versions and am going back to initial version emailed from writer.

Just a follow-up.  I unzipped the writer’s Data file and saved it prior to moving the .Enl file to the same location.  Once complete, I tried to open the .Enl file; it opened Endnote and brought up the references.  Perfect.

Thank you very much for your help!