Problem with Word 2003 document converted to Word 2007

I have a user a document originally written in Word 2003 with EndNote 9.  She has saved this document as .docx to use in Word 2007, and has now installed EndNote X1.    She has then inserted new references from an EndNote X1 library, and formatted those with no problem.

Here are the issues:

  1. Only these new references are in the bibliography…

  2. …even though the original EndNote 9 citations are still in the text.

3.  If we try to format the document we find we cannot open the original EndNote 9 library

I think we can restore the EndNote 9 library by saving a blank Notepad file with the library’s name (found this at - and it works for me, thanks!).   But where are the EndNote 9 references in the Word 2007 document?   And how can we get them back?


Keith Nockels

University of Leicester Library, UK