X4 for Mac not importing year for journal articles

Importing from Ebsco, I’m not getting the year for journal articles imported into my references.  suggestions?

This question presents a really good opportunity for more experienced folks to walk through trouble shooting imports…anyone?

The “Year” data might not be importing correctly for a variety of reasons. BTW, are you performing a direct export or using an import filter to import the records?  If importing a text file via a filter, you could troubleshoot by checking the following items:

  1. First, are you using the correct filter to import the data?  Ebsco has numerous filters so it’s easy to select the wrong one by mistake.

  2. If you are using the correct filter, compare* the filter’s journal article template against a sample text file of the imported records. The text file may show the Year data is either missing or “tagged” in a way that does not match-up with the template’s tags. You can then adjust the filter’s journal article template so it matches that shown in the text file.

For further info on importing text files check the EndNote Training Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/endnotetraining#p/u/4/FX-z5rq3TXM


*To access the filter’s templates, go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, IMPORT FILTERS, EDIT [name of the filter you’re using]. Then in the filter’s dialog box, click on “Templates”.  “Journal Article” may be displayed if it’sthe default template otherwise locate and select it to see the template’s tagged fields.