X4 wish: combined edit

And another wish for the next version of Endnote;  please allow for multi-reference edit.  With that I mean that you can mark several references at once, right click and edit and the changed field is applied to all references that were initially marked.  This is e.g. useful to correct abbreviated journal names from older libraries (which often come in several entries at once).

There are three ways to do this in current versions. 

  1. You can use the journals terms list, to correct these (put the errant abbreviation in the 4th column) making sure your styles correctly specify the correct full text or abbreviation column for the publication. 

  2. you can select references you want to globally edit and either “refererences>change text” and select the field you want to change and search for the wrong text and replace it with the right text, 


  1. select the references you want to change and use the tools>change or move fields, to replace the journal field with the corrected text. 

For 2) or 3), I recommend making a copy of the library first, and recommend that only those records you want to change are displayed, hiding the others (references option>show selected references).   This will ensure that only the records you want changed, will be changed.   

Thanks Leanne, that worked perfectly.  Guess I need to check the help file more often… :wink:

In addition to the last part of Leanne’s suggestion, I would make a temporary group and drag the references you want to edit to the temp group. Then, use change text. Sometimes, clicking multiple references with control key is a tricky command.