editing multiple references

Sometimes I import multilpe references, e.g. from a special issue of one particular journal. Then, if Endnote does not recognize the articles and completes the references automatically (which is mostly the case), I need to edit the imported articles manually. 

This would be much more convienient, if one can just mark the references and asign certain attributes (e.g., journal, issue, volume) to all of them just once. For instance how it is possible in iTunes. You might want to check out how it works there and just apply it the same way to Endnote. Thank you.

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This is a good suggestion. We do regulalry look at these types of workflows in iTunes for inspiration. In the meantime, you can use the “Change/Move/Copy fields” option from the Tools menu to achieve some of this in EndNote X7 - the main limitation is that you need to make changes one field at a time but the changes for each field can be applied to multiple “showing” references.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I would like to second this suggestion.  It would be a dramatic time saver.