X5 displaying different reference list library in new document after inserting reference

I am using Endnote X5. When I do work, sometimes I want to cite the same items again. I noticed that when you make a new document, a new word document icon and the name of the word document will appear in endnote with the selected amount of references in the document. So if I have a total of 400 references, this new list filters the refernce list to just the amount I am using. That is fine. However, when I click on the reference in the new list, and insert reference, the reference which comes out in word is different than the reference shown in X5.

In X5 it shows (abc, 2010), in word it shows (def, 2003). This only happens with the newly created reference list in “My library” in X5 and not the original reference file. Any ideas how to fix this?

I cannot replicate what I think you saying in Endnote X7.  

I created a document (document1.docx) and selected and inserted some citations from endnote using the tool insert button.  

Then I went back to the document.  All good.  openned a new document (document2) – went back to endnote and the temporary group “document1” in endnote, and selected that.  shows the 12 citation I cited in document1.  select one of those and either by ctrl C or by using the endnote tool button insert the citation that had been cited in document1 into document2.  correct citation inserted… 

But you are seeing a totally different citation in the latter case?