Endnote x8 "Insert Citation" not showing all references


I have a user with Office 2016 and Endnote x8.

When we go to insert a citation on the Endnote CWYW banner, the “Endnote x8 Find & Insert My References” box appears.

However, that box does NOT show all of the references available in the EndNote library.

We have to actually go to EndNote and insert the citation a different way which is time consuming.

Any idea what is going on here or how to fix it? thanks! 

The Insert Citation command allows you to search your library from within Word.

In the text box at the top, enter text to identify the reference you wish to cite. EndNote assumes an “and” between each word, and will search all fields in your records.

So the window will just show you results of your search in order to see all the references on the window you have to be able to do a search for something that every references has.

You can do a search e or a but the window is just a window to show you results of a search and does not replace the library in EndNote.

I cannot get the same box to show any references, its just blank.

Please help

Hi there,

Did you find a fix for this problem? I’m having the same issue.



Hi there,

Did you find a fix to this issue? I’m having the same problem.