X7 Purchased but Endnote Basic appears when I log in

When I try to login, I am taken to Endnote Basic even though I purchased X7.

I can get to X7 from my business computer (where I downloaded and installed it) via Other Programs but I want to use X7 on my home computer and am not sure how to access it … I can only seem to login to Basic. This happens on my business computer as well when I try to login.

Pleeeeeze help!

Many thanks.

Are you talking about Endnote.com access (used to be called endnote web)?  or a desktop version of Endnote?  After logging into Endnote.com, (www.myendnoteweb.com)- what does it say on the Options Accout information? 

Thanks for responding Leanne.

I was trying to access things via the link you provided.

When I go there it says in the Options Account info:

Account Information
Your roaming access has expired and therefore you will not see Web of Knowledge and Full Text links and you will not be able to search Web of Knowledge. Please login from your institution to reactivate roaming.
Your account only provides limited functionality.
Please login from your institution or (I have removed the link) to access all the functionality.
Account Status Days Remaining To Reactivate
Web of Knowledge Roaming Expired 0 Please login from your institution
EndNote Web Active      

So I suspect you need to log into that site from your IP address at work, and then it will be activated?  I don’t think you can use a WoK/WoS account though, unless you are IP authenticated.  That is how mine works anyway.