License limitations for EndNote Web

I understand there are 3 different ways to establish an EndNote Web account.  But what I’m frequently asked by our users is, “can I take my endnote with me once I graduate?”  I inform them if they have downloaded the licensed university version they will be able to take that with them but that they will not necessarily be able to get the latest updated version unless the new institution (wherever they go) has a institutional license.  What I’m unclear on is how this impacts someone EndNote web account.  Could anyone give me some idea how this works?



Hi - They retain access to their EndNote Web account for two years after they register or link their web account with a desktop license. After that, they can reactivate the web account with the advanced features through another desktop license or continue to use it at the Basic level. Either way, they will continue to have access to that web account.

 - Tilla, the EndNote team

Thanks medmunds.  So if I understand this the only way they would continue to have access to the advanced featuers is to renew their access via another desktop license, correct?


One other question.  What if an institution only has Web of Science/Knowledge which offers EndNote Web accounts.  Can the user take that account with them if they were to leave that institution or is access to EndNote Web depended upon whether or not the new place he or she is going to has Web of Science/Knowledge?

It’s generally the same scenario where they would drop down to a basic account level. The difference between a basic account and the access they have through Web of Knowledge/Web of Science is less styles, filters and connections. 

Should someone with  EndNote Web  be able to get back to the full account by connecting via a WoK login (from a university machine)?

I am trying to assist a student who isn’t sure whether he created his Web account on the back of WoK or from a University machine running EndNote desktop. He’s still at the university but hadn’t logged on from a university machine for a long time and his account has reverted to a basic one.

If his web account was created from our X5 version of EndNote, is his problem that X5 is now too old to refresh the web account?

Hi Rosemary,

He should be able to associate his existing account with the University by logging in through an autheticated session (IP or Shibboleth).

If that doesn’t work, please send me his username (email) using a private message or email directly to mathilda [dot] edmunds [at] and I can confirm.


 - Tilla, the EndNote team