X8 OSX Sierra PDF Thumbnail Navigation


I am using Endnote X8.0.1 with OSX Sierra and noticed that when I am reading a PDF within Endnote, either in the regular window or in the PDF reference window, I cannot navigate the PDF by selecting (clicking) on the thumbnails on the far right. I can scroll throught the thumbnails, but I clicking on them does nothing. This makes it impossible to jump between pages using the thumbnails. This seems to make viewing the PDF thumbnails pointless; it is the same no matter the layout I choose (Bottom/Split/etc.)

Thanks for any advice you can provide. 

Still no response. Beginning to worry that the Clarivate spin-off is going to be a major problem for researchers around the globe.

Have you reached out to Tech Support directly?  This is mostly a user forum - and they drop in from time to time.