X8 (Windows): "Find Reference Updates ..." issue

Not seeing any advantage in X8 over X7.7 (ghastly smartphone-centered design, constant nagging to use a US-based cloud), I had to use the central update at my institute. And right away a fault: when using “Find Reference Updates …”, the respective window shows as before, but when attempting to manually copy contents from an “Available Updates” field to the corresponding “My Reference” one, the latter does not accept them, Ctrl+V does not work, the right mouse-click “Paste” remains grayed out (no, the database is not “Read Only”). Any suggestions, is this a bug?


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  • as nobody answered, I figured others were not having this problem? So I tried again myself, until I found you had to press the [Edit reference] button first - which had not been necessary in previous versions with this feature I frequently use.

I’d have appreciated it had somone pointed this out to me …

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