Endnote X7.1 update

I too automatically accepted the udate (I am using Windows 7), but the result is disastrous. The first search after opening Endnote functions as expected; but I then found that a second search for a different author returned no results.After some frustrating looking, it seems that this happens because the option in the search query panel is set to “Search Whole Group” (effectively = Search showing references), and there is no longer an option for “Search Whole Library”.

The problem can only be circumvented by re-launcing Endnote, or by selecting References > Show all references prior to each search query. As I am currently checking the references in a 1000 page manuscript, you can imagine how this is driving me mad. Please provide a solution, or tell me how to revert to the old version of X7.

Selecting all references from the left hand Options is at least just a single click  – pain, I know.  see image.  I think it was happening before the update too.  

I have the groups panel hidden, as it is a feature I rarely use, and takes up space I can better use for displaying the references.

yeah,  It isn’t a great fix, I usually just have my groups view real skinny.  We should post (again) how little we like Endnote to make decisions on our work flow in the suggestions forum… (I think this is the one it was reported in before http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-Product-Suggestions/Search-defaults/m-p/51715#M1888)

The comment by the other user was interesting: it seems that some people had this problem with the X7 version BEFORE this update; I have only had had this problem since yesterday’s update. I have also noted that the previous update for X7 is unavailable now (the link is there, but you get yesterday’s update file), so any hope of using it in an attempt to revert to the previous version is in vain. It looks like I will need to find my backup so that I can re-install an older version.

Hello Paul,

This issue did exist in version X7, so what you are seeing may be a different problem although its symptoms appear to be the same. Can you please send me an e-mail documenting your exact steps (screenshots would also be helpful) so we can do some further investigation.



sharon [period] ennis [the at sign] thomsonreuters [period] com


actually Paul described the problem perfectly well. I also had the experience that, after the update, when searching (either with quick search or with the multi field search) the second search is always restricted to the results from the previous search(it seems that for the second search the scope is limited to the group “search results”). This might be handy for some cases, for example when you want to narrow down your search. For me, however, it mostly was annoying.

Imagine you have a typo in your search. Tto find the correct match, you not only have to correct the typo but you also have to go to “all references” under “my library” on the left and then search again.

I do not remember encountering this before the 7.1 update.

I have had the same problem since the update to X7 (but I didn’t have this issue with earlier versions of X7).  I contacted Thomson Reuters - who, to be fair to them, responded very quickly - and there doesn’t appear to be any way to revert to earlier search settings where a second search searches through all references, rather than the references brought up by the previous search.  I was told that this was a deliberate change.  Perhaps there are people who find this better than the earlier defaults, but I find it infuriating, as I’m constantly having to return to ‘all references’ to submit a new search.  Even more annoyingly, when I do return to submit a new search, it sometimes uses the previous search term instead of the one I’ve just entered.

Thomson Reuters suggested that I use the ‘quick search’ bar at the top, which is ok, but I quite often use a combination of search criteria (in particular, I often choose a type of reference), and this can’t be done on quick search.

The other weird bug with this new update - which apparently wasn’t deliberate - is that when I type in notes into a particular reference it creates a strange flickering effect as text is selected and deselected (with the blue highlighting).  It’s fractions of a second, but rather distracting and not comfortable to look at.

I’m not sure what this update has improved, but my experience of Endnote has definitely declined and I wish I could go back to an earlier version!

That is interesting: I was told by a Reuters staff member that this change had NOT been intended, but also that it was not known when a fix would be available. To be honest, I cannot imagine that this new behavior is beneficial to many people: I don’t believe that most are interested in a chain of searches, each linked with the previous (and if they are, this is what “Search Showing References” is for – still available as a separate option in X7.1, despite the fact that it is the default behavior anyway), but rather series of independent searches. If this IS  a deliberate change, it still does not explain why “Search All References” has been removed from the drop-down options for second searches.

As the changed behavior seems permanent, I will be uninstalling X7.1, re-installing X7, and avoiding future updates for the foreseeable future.

I just wanted to bump this to remind Thomson that a lot of people find the new search behavior in X7.1 extremely frustrating, and are disappointed that faithful users of many years have waited so long for a solution, in vain. Can we please again have the option option to search “All References” (not “Whole Group” = “Showing References”) on each and every search without having to muck around with sidebars or drop-down menus? This was and remains the most convenient, logical behavior for Endnote when searching for a series of independent items.

Hello Paul,

Please keep an eye out for an update, X7.2, to be released on both Mac and Windows this Fall. Amongst other new features and improvements, the issue you refer to with searching within the desktop will be addressed. 

More to come as we are closer to launch. 


Meredith M.