EndNote X8 Keeps Crashing on Mac

Hi Endnote community,

I just downloaded EndNote X8 to my MBP and while I love the application for organizing my references, it keeps freezing and crashing multiple times a day. Sometimes I haven’t even done anything but to click on a reference that I’m intending to look at. Usually all I have open with EndNote is Excel, and maybe an internet browser. It’s been so frustrating. I’m not even working with a lot of references (less than 150). I would have to force quit the application and reload it. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some way to fix this? I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled, and it still does the same thing. It’s so frustrating!



I’ve literally been having that exact problem, on the same computer, for the last few weeks. You’re right - uninstalling/re-installing does nothing, neither does clearing out the library and re-syncing everything.

i’ve literally been having this exact same problem, on the exact same computer, for the last few weeks. And you’re right - unistalling/reinstalling does nothing. Endnote seems to crash for no reason, at least 5 times a day!

I am sorry to hear that? Where do you keep your library? You can find this information by going to Tools > Library Summary and looking at the Location. Keep in mind, EndNote is not compatible with cloud storage locations like iCloud and Dropbox. Please see this article:


I just keep mine in my computer documents folder…

Having the exact same problem for the past few days. Did not initially have any problems with X8. Also, library is not stored on any type of cloud storage. 

Exact same thing is happening to me for the last few days. Did not initially have an issues with X8. Also, library is not stored on any type of cloud storage. This issue possibly requires an update. 

I have had the same problem for a couple of weeks now. Today I haven’t been able to open any single pdf without the EndNote crashing. Very frustrating! I tried moving my EndNote library from the iCloud to my computer, but it didn’t solve the problem, neither did re-installing the program.

Is there anything else that could solve the problem?

You can try rebuilding the library:


If the issue persists, please contact Technical Support:


Library recovery doesn’t solve the problem. I have done it couple of times and it doesn’t fix the problem

Contacted technical support. They are aware of the problem but they do not have solution.

Check also this post as someone suggested which if off automatic synchronisation with EndNote web


Hi Susan,

Try creating a new user account on your machine. Make sure that you have aministrator rights on the new account. See if you can create a new blank library and add references to it. Close it and re-open. If successful try opening your original library, see if that works. If yes, could point to some sorr of permission error on your original account.

Hello Susana,

I just sent you a Private message to follow up on any existing Technical Support case you may have.

Having the same issues. Keeps crashing have followed this thread and tried everything to no avail. 

Yep I’m having the same problem. Library on my documents. All updates done. Crashes continuously. Ready to change programs. 

I too was having issues with EndNote X7 ‘hanging’ in Sierra (10.12.4) last month.

I got in touch with Jay Nadler (CEO at Clarivate Analytics) via LinkedIn on 22nd Apr. to express my dissatisfaction with X7 on Sierra. Jay recommended the upgrade to X8 and support colleagues got in touch provided a free upgrade for me, which appeared to resolve the issue.

However, since upgrading to Sierra 10.12.5 this issue appears to have reappeared in EndNote X8. Now I ‘WannaCry’ for sure.

Clearly this is a pressing issue for the whole community.

I am a new Endnote mac user and am experiencing the same issue.  I followed the troubleshooting steps in this threat, and they have not fixed the problem.

I am a new Endnote mac user and am experiencing the same issue.  I followed the troubleshooting steps in this thread, and they have not fixed the problem.

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Has there been any progress on this issue? I’ve been experiencing the exact same problem. I want to give Endnote a fair chance and I’m sure Apple can share in the blame, but this issue needs resolved quickly.

Going to add my voice to the chorus of frustration here.

I am having the same issue. 

End note X8 (recently upgraded) persistently crashes when I click on references to view them.

Seems to happen with those that have PDF attachments, which are the majority of my 578 references.

I am running it on Macbook air Sierra 10.12.5.

I went through two technicians at my university and we attempted with no success the following:

1. uninstall then reinstall of the program

  1. Rebuild of my library - which for some reason crashed at when it reached reference number 295

  2. Creation of a new account profile

Interestingly my library, which I presumed had become corrupted somehow is not the issue as the senior tech consultant imported it to his Windows PC and there were no issues for him.

This needs to fixed soon as I am in the middle of writing my thesis and this has seriously slowed down my work flow.


Getting help from Crandon services (here in Australia) has helped me a great deal.

I had to rename all my PDF’s first. A crash may occur if the PDF file name is very long. Do this using the references menu, file attachments, rename PDF’s - you can select multiple references at once. 

I then had to also search for any large PDF files in my End note library folder as a crash may occur with files that are too large. Any larger than 5MB I have now removed from the library into a folder on my hard drive.

In the testing phase now, but it seems greatly improved from before.

Consultant suggested making note of any reference that crashes, and taking out the PDF’s attached to move them into a folder on the hard drive for easy access if needed.