2 questions regarding text-citation (Endnote X7)

Hi there, I’m using Endnote X7, and i have some problems to cite references in my draft.

  1. how to remove a underline in text citation? I just want only hyperlinked text (Author et al., year), except underlined, hyperlinked text.

  2. this is the most problem, when I wrote abbreviation in parenthesis, such as (ISO), it autimatically changed to text-citation, and I didn’t know how to remove text-citation, I just want to write it like (text).
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Not sure if this is the issue but look in the EndNote library, under edit >preferences >temporary citations, make sure that the delimiters are squiggly brackets .i.e. { and }. If round brackets are displayed you can get conflicts with when they are used for other purposes. Temporary citations are unformatted, you will still have formatted citations in round brackets.

  1. linked text criteria are dictated by your word processor not by Endnote. You can turn off hyperlinking the citations completely in endnote though in “configure bibliography” menu. it is on the endnote ribbon menu, the tiny arrow after “bibliography” will open those settings and untick the box that says “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”
  2. What Knav said. It sounds like your in text temporary citations delimiters are parentheses and not curly brackets.
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