2 Requests: Displaying all names, and removing reference citation

Hello all, 

I hope you’re all well. 

I’m currently encountering 2 frustrating problems in endnote x7.

Problem the First:

I deleted a citation from a document I’m working on. Deleted it. Eradicated it. Exterminated it. Full on got rid of it. It’s nowhere to be found in the document. 

However, it remains in my bibliography. It’s even greedily hogging its previous number - a number which a Search reveals is nowhere to be found in my whole document. 

I tried inserting the citation again, highlighting the grey area in the Bibliography, right clicking and removing citation. 

Didn’t work. It’s still there.

I tried deleting it manually from bibliography and updating, thinking that seems as its’ not cited in the document it wouldn’t be included in an updated bibliography. 

Didn’t work. It’s still there. 

I tried physically deleting it from my Endnote library and updating again. 

Didn’t work. It’s still there.

This thing is like a weed that I cannot get rid of.

Problem the Second:

I’ve gone in Edit, Output Styles and edited the style I’m using to list All Authors names instead of 1 name and then Et. Al. 

Didn’t work. All the references in the bibliography list 1 name, maybe 2, followed by “et al”. 

I tried creating a new Style and doing the same. 

Didn’t work, still one or two names and then “et al”. 

This is becoming super frustrating and I’d greatly appreciate any help people can give. 

  1.  The pesky record is hanging around somewhere in your document and so is in the “traveling library”.  FIRST MAKE A COPY.  “Convert to unformatted citations” Not sure what OS or version of word you are using, do not make them plain text.

see attached image for these steps in Word 2013.  You may want to remove all field codes (or 'convert to plain text now) to remove any corrupted code. (I do this by select all and then ctrl+shift+f9).  

 Delete any residual library - you can even save it once for good measure.  Now reformat (step two in the attached image).  Is it gone?  – you may need to turn CWYW back on here (3).  

  1. Finally,  Is your  new style showing as being used in the document?  – You can’t just change it in Endnote.  It has to be changed in the document you are working in.  (hence you can be writing two papers at once, and not have to make sure you flip the style in endnote.)  also never use the same output style name after you edit it.  It might end up with two versions in two different places, and endnote doesn’t check which one is more recent.