2 separate word files but want continuous citations (numbered) with one list bibliography- How?

Hello, I’m preparing a paper for a journal. For a start the journal wants us to separate main text from tables and figure. So, right now I have 2 separate  word files; File 1: Main text only & File 2: Table.

The problem is we want the citation number to be contious and only one list of bibiliography at the end of main text file.

For example: citation no. 1-25 are in file 1 (main text file), and I would like to do citation no. 26-27 in file 2 (Table) and later go back to the file 1 (main text) for the next citation - no. 28 and so on. So, how do I go about doing this? working on 2 seperate word file, but with continous citation and 1 bibiliography… Thanks in advance for the help.

Two ways.  Both require some manual steps.  

Make the document as one, and then make a copy - remove field codes and separate them into the documents you need.  (this way will ensure any citations used in the text and the table only apear once).  

2nd way is to create the two documents, and then using the edit bibliography, to change the "number you start with thru the bibliography menu in Endnote.  See attached image.  – but then you will still need to copy the bibliography to join the two, and if the citations is used in both the text and table, it will apear twice.   

Thank you for the suggestions. I think I like no. 1, but what do you mean by remove field codes? Where can I find this function - is it in word or Endote?


ON A COPY – (actually endnote may force you to make a copy)  on the endnote ribbon, choose the “convert citations and bibliography” (then from  dropdown) “Convert to plain text”.  

(added in edit) or you can (and you must do this on a copy, not on the original, which you will want to keep if you have corrections and then redo these steps) use Word tools to remove ALL fields, including table of contents, etc by ctrl+shift+F9 .