Merge reference lists into a seperate Word-document?


I have several Word-documents with each containing citations and a reference list at the end. How can I merge only the reference lists to have the bibliography in a separate Word-document with the references sequentially numbered and no duplicates? I have already tried to re-number the references sequentially in each document and then copy the lists to another document, but the problem are the duplicates then. And I can’t combine all documents into one large document, they are too big because of many pictures. I hope someone can help me out!

Is it just slow if you have them all together?  for my students’ image intense theses, we only join them together at the very end and make sure endnote reformats the bibliography once.  At this time, we also make sure the table of contents, table of tables, table of figures are all updated and accurate. 

it works. 

One more thing.  It is really important to produce “png” versions of the images to insert into word rather than other formats which can be unnecessarily big.  Another trick is to insert them, with their legends, into a “frame” rather than into a textbox. Word can’t pick up items in the textbox, but can in the frame, for automatically creating tables and the like.  In later versions of word this is most easily achieved by inserting a text box and then format the text box and on the text box tab, convert to frame.  From then on, I have them copy the frame to each place they want a figure. 


The common “trick” for having a caption, (which ends up in table of figures) followed directly by the legend, without a new line, in Word 2002 is to put the new text in a Normal paragraph, that follows the caption and then to hide the paragraph mark at the end of the caption paragraph.

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Thanks a lot for the hints concerning Word! I actually wanted to avoid having one big Word document in the end but rather merge them in a pdf-file before printing. But it seems there is no other way than the one you described.

I don’t think Endnote is really equipped well to write long books with lots of footnotes, or thesis with lots of references for each chapter. It has been developed essentially to format manuscript for journal articles. I think requests from book/thesis writers are increasing, and Thomson needs to consider adding some features to expand (or keep) user base.

I think, for (edited) book writing, formatting correctly footnotes and references is publishing editor’s job, not individual chapter writer’s job. But for thesis writing, graduate students don’t have “publishing editors”, so they are facing with challenges all the time.

“Chapter formatting” is probably a very critical feature for book/thesis writing. For example, partially select contents of the document, and add bibliography at the end of the selection, not the end of the entire document. I vaguely remember we had some discussion in the feature request thread, but I’ll look into the past discussions and pull them out to the top.

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