Separate bibliographies for one document


I have a couple of questions.

I am writing a paper for a journal that has a restriction on the number of references you can include. I would therefore like to create a list of e-references which will be available in an online supplement in addition to those included in the main article.

I would like to cite all refernces in the text in one word document, but I would like to number the main references and the e-references separately i.e. each starting from 1. Is this possible?

My study is a meta-analysis. I have a supplementary table containing all the references of the studies included in the meta-analysis (but none of the other citations in the paper).

I would like to submit the table and the references as separate supplementary materials and e-references respectively. Is it possible to save a bibliography in a different document?

I also discuss some of the included studies in the main text. I want to cite them in the text, but link them to the bibliography of the table. This is so that they are not included in the main reference list, but are only referenced in one bibliography. Is this possible?

If this makes sense, please help!


I don’t see an easy way to do this with a numbered output style using tools such as the “categorize references” in Endnote X7.  That allows you to separate the citations into groups (References vs e-References) for example, but it numbers them by the defined sort order, and doesn’t restart numbering to my knowledge.  

The only other way I can see is to turn CWYW off, and unformat the citation to temporary citations.  At the end of the day, use curly brackets for those that are conventional references and square brackets for those that are “eReferences”.  Then format one set to get the numbered list, and then ON A COPY of the document, convert those to plain text.  Then change your temporary citation links to the square brackets (in format bibliography dialog) and then format  the second set of citations as the e-references. (Perhaps with a slightly modified output style, to alter the numbering, as you probably want those to be distinguished in some way from the others.  Edit and save as a second output style where you  edit the layout of the bibliography and of the citation so the number is prefixed with the e- for example?).  

Then you might also convert those to plain text (this is an option on the word endnote ribbon, BTW).  Obviously this would all need to be done just prior to submission.  Then you move the table and the second bibliography to your supplemental document.


Thanks for your ehlp with this. I understand how to do some of what you have said, but not all.

  • How do I unformat to temporary citations?
  •      I only have the option to “convert to unformatted citations”
  • Where do I find the “format bibliography dialog”?

Would this mean that the numbered citations no longer act as hyperlinks to the refernce?


“convert to unformatted citations” IS the way you unformat to temporary citations.
In Word 2010, the “format bibliography dialog” is on the Endnote ribbon, by clicking the “drop-down” box highlighted in yellow in the attached image.  The dialog has the default setting of { }, which you would change to .  

No - if you “unlink” the fields, you also get rid of the hyperlinking.  

Thanks for your help with this, it takes some time if you have a lot of references, but I acheived my desired outcome. Wouldn’t have been able to without your advice, much appreciated,


Interesting solution. Is there any way to have an Appendix with its own citations and bibliography, other than putting it into its own Word file? I.e., is there a way to restrict the citations and bibliography to a Section?

If everything else is in one section, you can put the appendix in a separate section and adjust the endnote style so that the  bibliographies that are section specific.  Edit>outputstyles, edit "yourstyle’  – save as to a new name.  Make sure you use the newly named style in the document, on the word bibliography ribbon or menu. See image for settings.