A new reference gets wrong, random number and few last references get deleted PROBLEM


I have a problem concerning numbering. I have inserted 102 refereces in my text untill now. I have made a pause in writing of 2 months and I have started again these days. I started to write where I stoped before (Word), just before the reference list in the document. I made a new reference and tried to insert the citation but the refrence doesn’t go to the end of the reference list in the document and doesn’t get number 103 like it should get.

Instead it gets some random( maybe it’s not random?!) number and abot 10 last references on the list get deleted.

I use the same style (Numbering), and I do everything like I have done before. I didn’t move the Library document from the destination folder.

Can somebody please help? 

Make a copy of the document and “convert to unformatted citations” - do they get returned to the temporary citations {author, year #Rec no}? If not - they are likely to be corrupted… 

Make sure you are not accidentally inserting the last citation into the Endnote bibliography field itself (although that usually gives you an error message.  .