EndNote 6 randomly adds citations in the reference list

I realize that EndNote 6 is probably not being officially supported. Please excuse me but I am a low-budget student and haven’t been able to update.

A recent problem I’m having is that EndNote 6 is randomly adding references at the end of my Word document that I have not cited in the body of the manuscript I’ve been writing. Please help.



That is a puzzle!  Can you unformat the document check for square (or curley) bracketed items that might be being picked up somehow, as references?  Also, make sure there are no tracked changes in your document. Sometimes deleted items are still being converted.

Delete any residual bibliography. 

then try refomating.

What version of Word are you using? 

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Hi Leanne,

I have a paper ready to go off my desk to a journal editor but the references are driving me nuts!

I am using MS Word 2002 SP3. 

Another peculiar thing that goes on is that when I edit a citation to exclude the author (I just want (2003) and not (Tory, 2003), the whole citation disappears! However, Word/EndNote still thinks the citation is in the manuscript but does not list it in the references at the end of the paper.

I organize my papers in different libraries based on papers’ topics (memory, spatial learning …). I am assuming that EndNote and Word are smart in that I don’t need to have the original libraries open in order for it to generate the right bibliography.

In the unformatted version of the manuscript (and the Edit Citation option), I can see that the citations are coded by a #. These show up inside the curly braces. In one case, when I tried to deduce why I had a paper in the references section that was not in the body of my manuscript, I tried to track down the errant paper by year. For some reason, EndNote replaced the paper I had originally wanted to cite (Kirsh and Maglio, 1994) with another paper that had the same year ( Jeannerod, 1994). I’m not sure why this happened! The two papers are not even in the same library. Thankfully, the paper I am writing is for a computer science journal and the reference on mental imagery caught my eye as being out of place for this paper.

I’m curious, do you have any tips on how to organize references in EndNote. Is it common for people to have several libraries that represent different research areas (such as memory, language, automation, etc.)?

I appreciate your help. 



check your “private messages”  (upper right hand corner).

endnote 6 needs the libraries open I think.  I can’t remember when the travelling library appeared, but I think it was after that!

endnote 6 needs the libraries open I think.  I can’t remember when the travelling library appeared, but I think it was after that!

EDITED:  Just checked an old manual, and Endnote6 does do travelling library, so it should be okay…

If you don’t have a record number and just put the author, year > endnote will find any reference that has that author, even if 4th or 5th in that year and use it.  If there are two refs by the author (independent of position) it will prompt you to choose between them. 

I use ONE library always (unless I am collaborating, and even then - I usually incorporate their refs into my library). 

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