When entering a new refernce, half of my refernces disappear!!!


I am currently writing my Master thesis and wanted to enter another reference after already having 84.

When I enter a new reference now, the following happens: half of my references disappear, and I am down to 41. How come? How can I solve the problem? I am quite desperate because  it was very tedious to enter the references I have so far. So help would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

Anyone openning the document in another processor like OpenOffice?  – that will destroy the inserted fields.  You do have a backup, right?  Saving to a new name each day?  If so you can convert to unformated citations in both copies and do a compare and accept and reject the appropriate option to get them back.  

if not, – then come back for more advice.  Including what out put style are you using?  numbered, by appearance, alphabetical, or author, year?  

why is it tedious?  what is your work flow?