A problem with format biblography

Hi, everyone,

Here I met a problem with format biblography. 

When I clicked button to format biblography, I got the following result:

water/methanol is typically high[22, 23, 24{Blades, 1990 #25, 25-27]. 

I do not know why this happen and how to solve.

Another problem is similar. When I clicked a button to format biblography, I only can get {Blades, 1990 #25}. And no reference is added. 

Could anyone help me?

Thanks a lot.

My working system: Endnote X6 + Word 2003.

It appears that you may have tried to insert a new citation into an endnote field, rather than next to the existing endnote field.  I would delete that citation group and reenter it, or try to unformat the citations (on a copy) and see if you can fix the embedded citation which might look like this

{author1, 2000 #RecNo; Author2, 2001 #RecNo; Author3, 2003 #RecNo {Blades, 1990 #25; Author4, 2004 #RecNo; (and so on with any remianing citations}

Change the curly bracket in front of Blades to a semicolon and reformat.  

You may have to turn on CWYW from the third tab of the format bibliography window.   

(p.s.  You can always enter a new citation in front or behind the exisiting citation group, just make sure there is no space between that new citation and the existing field.)