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I´m using EndNote X2 and Word 2003.

I hoped you could help me with my Bibliography problem:the Bib format in word is completely screwed up. Some of the entries are bold, some are font 8, others are font 11 and some have a mixture of everything. Here is what I did:

I created a new output style in endnote and set all entries under the Bibliography template to Plain Font / Plain Size. In word I checked that the previous paragraph is formatted as normal (verdana, size 10). After creating the Bibliography I made sure that the following paragraph symbols are unbold as well (which was not easy because everytime I selected a paragraph symbol I automatically selected the whole Bibliography). Apart I opend the “Format Bibliography” window in the Endnote toolbar, selected my output style and set the layout to verdana 9.

I have no idea which formatting is used for the Bibliography, its a mixture of the Endnote and the Word format.

I already searched through the forum here but nothing helped. Does anyone have an idea what to do ?

Thank you.

How were the records in the library constructed?  copy pasted from other sources or imported?    Also, if font specifics are applied in the record it self, I don’t think they are consistantly over-ridden by the other settings.  Also, unfortunately the text paste behavior seems to have been magnified in X2. 

Rather than all those settings, I rely on Word to provide the underlying font type and size, and never muck with the bibliography settings in Endnote if I can help it.  I don’t know if there is a quick way to strip font formating from your records, especially if there is specific formating, such as Italics, that you do want to keep. The only sure way I can think of, is to export the library to a text only file and then reimporting it, but that obviously messes up the record numbering.

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Hello Leanne

thank you very much for the fast response. You were right the error was in the way the records were added into Endnote. Some of my Endnote references were entered by hand, those ones did not cause problems in the bibliography in my word document. However, some other references were entered into Endnote by copy-paste from Word documents, pdfs or from the web. These ones showed weired formatting in my word document and in the Endnote preview. I´ll have to re-enter these references to fix the problem.

Once again, thank you very much.