I just went to :


where EndNote is listed, but not RefMan.

EndNote is listed as being WSin2010 compatible, and is having current patches.

It even claims to work with WP (via RTF)

I think we’re all in a dead-end.

Would anyone from T-R lioke to disagree?


Greetings Andrew,

The Reference Manager product page can be found by clicking on the “Products & Services” link, then “Products A-Z”:


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But see also: http://thomsonreuters.com/products_services/science/science_products/scientific_research/author_publisher_tools/

wherein is still listed “ProCite”, a product that TR dumped a couple of years ago.  Apparently, being listed is not proof of a future.

In my opinion, Reference Manager, a product that I have used for a quarter of a century, will be abandoned by TR within the next couple of years, in favor of EndNote.  EndNote gets new features ahead of RefMan updates, and serious bugs are not being fixed in RefMan.  EndNote is a much more important product to TR’s bottom line.  For proof, look at the >6000 posts on the EndNote forums vs <600 on the RefMan forums.  And notice the much lower rate of reply by technical support to RefMan forum posts compared to posts on the EndNote forums.

I have been steering people away from Reference Manager because of a lack of support by TR.  What a pity.  It used to be the best citation manager on the market.



If we haven’t been abandoned, would you like to explain why this message was posted over 2 years ago and nothing’s happened? There hasn’t been any comment from RM technical staff to complaints.

There was an message about volunteers for beta-testing an update - I replied and got no response, not even an acknowledgement.

05-08-2008 07:56 PM

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FYI, as far as WordPerfect support in RefMan 12 goes, we plan for it to have the same support that RefMan 11.0.1 has.  There should be no loss in WP functionality, we’ll likely have more details closer to/at release.  Hope this info helps!

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To add insult to injury, from the EndNote forum:

07-19-2010 02:00 PM

We are working on a 64 bit version of EndNote X4 Cite While You Write and plan to have something available this Fall…


Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


There is growing speculation among librarians that Reference Manager will not be continued through another update.  Can anyone confirm or deny?



EndNote does have a larger user base and is the most popular of our products, so it is true that more updates and content are made available for that product. However, absolutely no plans have been made or announced to discontinue sale or support of the Reference Manager line.

I hope this clarifies things a bit!

Thank you for your reply, I was very curious to hear because we are still considering upgrading to RefMan 12. 

PS for any librarians that came here via the ExpertSearching discussion list, I will post this back. 


@gilliann wrote:

However, absolutely no plans have been made or announced to discontinue sale or support of the Reference Manager line.



Does anyone see that there is no word on “we are going to release a new version before 2020”?.

Sale - sure, a 2 y old program, not working with 64bit operating systems, not being debugged or updated since years, but yes, - “we continue to sell it normally for the full prize”.

support: sure - write your problem, if you are lucky you will get an answer by another user, if you are less lucky, maybe, after 6 months we can give you a hint, but better dont expect an uptdate or new features. This is restricted to EndNote (but we will never confirm that officially).

I am done with TR - be honest, admit that you do not develop RM anymore and reduce the prize for the old version. Than we can discuss accepting your decision to concentrate on EndNote. Its your company after all. But leaving us alone and not telling the truth - this will cost you a lot of customers. At least me.

Follow up:

Thomas Reuters contacted me and sent me a genereous apology for all the inconvenience, which I have accepted.

However - everything concerning RM remains unanswered, which I consider as sad.

No more bad feelings for TR, but I still miss RM.

We are 2015 now…

The latest version of Reference Manager is v12.0.3 and was released in 2010

The latest version of Endnote is X7 and was release a few months back in 2014

It would help if TR communicates more open about their plans… 

Thank you for your reply