Availability of Reference Manager

Since my institution stoped providing Reference Manager I would like to obtain my own legal copy (ver 11 or 12) and I’m wondering if anyone has a copy I can purchase or otherwise somewhere I can get it from. I’ve searched the usual places but have not been able to find it, which is strange.

I know I can import my databases directly into EndNote or similar but I need to be able to open the original files first.

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I was able to find a demo version of Reference Manager 12 that is available from a site called Research Software.com


So you could try that.

Please Note:

We have discontinued the sale of Reference Manager, effective December 31, 2015, and focus exclusively on the continued enhancement of EndNote, our premier reference management solution. We also as of December 31, 2016 ended support of Reference Manager.

We strongly suggest you consider moving to EndNote:

The latest version EndNote X8 is compatible with most of the operating systems and word applications. For more information regarding the EndNote and Reference Manager comparison, please refer to this link:


Please refer to this link for more information about Reference Manager to EndNote switching:


You can test EndNote before purchasing the software; you can download the EndNote X8 free trial for 30 days from this link:


If you would like to purchase EndNote X8, please contact our Sales Department:


You can also contact our Sales team through phone. Please find the contact details below:

Phone number: 1 800 – 722 - 1227

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (8 AM -5 PM PT)

Thanks Tony,

Unfortunately, I think I need a fully working version, rather than a demo, as when I try to open one of my files I’m told I’ve exceded the number of times it can be opened. I’ll have to look to see if I can get anything via ebay or similar.

I’ll be updating as soon as I can but, for now, this is what I need to do.


Hello Anthony,

As Tony mentioned, please keep in mind that Reference Manager is also no longer a supported product:


At this time, our support is going to be limited to assisting customers with upgrading to EndNote. In addition, we are no longer developing Content files (Output Styles and Import Filters) for the Reference Manager product.

In order to convert to EndNote, you do not need to have Reference Manager installed. Please see the direct conversion steps here:


Technical Support can also assist you with converting any of your database files to EndNote: