Abbreviations and Commission report citing.

I am writing an APA 6th style paper that includes multiple abbreviations related to groups. How do I make Endnote recognize that this is not a citation? Also, one of the main reports is from a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission which has several members. I used the template for report and put all of the members under editors since there wasn’t a single author. Is there a way to create a special citation perameter for this? Any recommendations about APA style for this type of reference is most welcome.

I am not sure what you are asking in either question.  

Are the abbreviations in curly brackets?  that would be the only thing that endnote would try to interpret as a citation, unless you have changed your “temporary citation delimiters” to a normal parentheses pair?  

Are you wanting to use both the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (follow it by a comma to avoid it being interpreted as Commission being a SN) or you want to list all the authors in the commission.  If the later, you need to enter them each one to a line followed by a carriage return in the author field (best SN, given name).  The reference style you choose or perhaps need to customize will depend on how you want it listed in the bibliography and you may need to adjust your output style to achieve that.  If you give the exact parameters you require in the bibliography for this citation, and attach the output style you are using, other users like myself may be able to help.

I am trying to ass a large number of refs to a group in endnote. 

Many of them are reports from the European Comission, or other company etc, and they don’t always have authors. 

For other entries I have been downloading a cite link, and loading it to endnote, but there aren’t so many of these, and I think it’s important they’re all in the same format. 

Can anyone recommend how I track down an accurate citation link, or what ‘reference type’ I should put it under to make it clear they’re from the commission etc.

Some examples I am working with are below.

Any help as soon as possible, much appreciated! It’s rather urgent! 

European Commission (2009a) The functioning of the food supply chain and its effect on food prices in the European Union. Occasional Paper 47

FoodDrinkEurope (2015). Data & Trends of the EU Food Industry 2014-2015.

responded to the same query in other forum.  Please don’t double bost.