Corporate author and naming individual authors in report

Dear Endnote users,

Can you advise me how to use Endnote to cite a report so that there is an abbreviated corporate name in the text citation but the authors are included in the references section. E.g. for a report I would like (ISG 2007) in the text. Then I would like the authors individually name in the bibliography. Ideally, although not so important, it would also be good to have ‘Independent Scientific Group’ also somewhere in the reference in the bibliography.

I’m newish to Endnote after having been using it properly over the last month or two. However, I wonder why its not fairly obvious how to do this as a ‘report’, since many reports are written by several authors, cited by the abbreviation of the committee or council in the bibliography, but the committee abbreviation is not always well known, so its good to have the full corporate name in bibliography as well.

The closest I have got it using ‘generic’ but then the system puts the authors in as editors and not in the right place.

Using Endnote Web only and APA style. Any help very gratefully received…

Many thanks

Do you have a local administrator who can modify the endnote Web output styles?  

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your reply - sorry I’ve just got this. I am a PhD student in writing up stage and yes there is an administrator at the institution. However, I wouldn’t be able to go back onto campus if that was needed as some distance away. Can you advise me on what to say if I need to speak to local administrator or is there something else I could do??


do you have a lot of these?  The easiest fix which would not require fancy alterations to the output style, would by editing the citation (right click in the citation you want to change),  hiding the author and adding the acronym to the Prefix box followed by a comma space.  I think that is possible in Endnote Web (although I have never tried).