Help with referencing commission reports

I am trying to add a large number of refs to a group in endnote. 

Many of them are reports from the European Comission, or other company etc, and they don’t always have authors. 

For other entries I have been downloading a cite link, and loading it to endnote, but often I can’t find one for many of these, and I think it’s important they’re all in the same format. 

Can anyone recommend how I track down an accurate citation link, or what ‘reference type’ I should put it under to make it clear they’re from the commission etc.

Some examples I am working with are below. I will be referencing in Harvard style

Any help as soon as possible, much appreciated! It’s rather urgent! 

European Commission (2009a) The functioning of the food supply chain and its effect on food prices in the European Union. Occasional Paper 47

FoodDrinkEurope (2015). Data & Trends of the EU Food Industry 2014-2015.

Put the commission names in the Author field and a comma at the end, so they are not treated as names. Put everything else in the title and year published in the Year field.   Using Harvard and entering them as Book, should give you outputs like you show below.  You might also try Report, which doesn’t have any template, so it would be treated as in the Generic Template. If it isn’t quite right, you can copy the generic into a Report template and tweak it to get the output you think most appropriate, especially if there are other fields that may crop up from time to time.