Abbreviations in in-text references and a General Question on abbreviations

Hi All,

This question has been asked before, but one of the answers pointed to a file that’s not available anymore.

I use organisational/corporate authors quite a few times, but these names can be quite long e.g. “Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations”(Abbreviation FAO) and “World Organisation for Animal Health” (Abbreviation OIE). I need to use Harvard-Flinders style for the University of Sydney (Endnote Template harvard_usyd).

While I still do want the full name to appear in my references/bibliography, I’d like the in-text references to read “FAO, 2019” or “OIE, 2020”.

Someone mentioned earlier that this can be done by going to each individual reference, editing, and choosing this hide the author and adding a suffix (e.g. FAO) instead.

My question is: Is there an easier way to do this rather than doing it one-by-one?

And another general question on the use of abbreviations - if I have an abbreviation list at the beginning of my dissertation, is it still necessary to spell out each abbreviation in the text (e.g. the first time I mention OIE, I should have the full name spelt out and then the abbreviation in brackets)?

Thank you!