Corporate authors, abbreviations or full text substitutions

I was wondering if someone might be able to suggest a work around for style requirements to either spell out or use common abbreviations for corporate, institutional, or government authors, without mucking up my library with redundant entries.

    For instance, depending on whom I am writing for, style enforcers asked would accept the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment as “CCME” but elsewhere insist on spelling it out as “Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment.”

or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as “EPA”, “USEPA”, or spelled out “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency” and so on.

  I’ve played with trying to define a style that reduces full names to common abbreviations but with unsatisfactory results.  It seems like I could define a style with a citation and bibliography template for Government Document that starts with some other field such as Publisher or a custom field instead of Author, and then start populating that field with alternative abbreviations, names.  This is fairly complicated and could be tedious, so if anyone has a more efficient solution I would appreciate it greatly.  My present inefficient solution is to work with EndNote in the usual way, and then when “finished”, go into Word and make global replacements. But this becomes a version management mess when circulating for review, revising after review etc. 

   The best solution would be a program change to support abbreviations to the Institution term lists in the same manner as Journal Abbreviations are supported, but until then I’d greatly appreciate suggestions.



One way, which is a little tedious if you have many of these, but  is to, hide the author (spelled out name) when you want the abbreviated version, and type it into the prefix field.  there is no way to change the citation “author” for specific records. But you might put your suggestion into the suggestion forum allowing a journal like terms list facility.   

Do you need to use alternatives for the bibliography, too.  That is a bit of a setup, but can be more automated in the long run.  You would need to construct a new ref type with an alternative custom field for the alternate name.  Then set up two different output styles that switch the author for the alternative field. 

Thank you, Leanne.  Hiding the author in each instance could sometimes be more efficient than other work arounds that I thought of.

  Regards, Chris