Using both the abbreviated and full name of an organisation

Hello, I would like to ask how, if possible, can I use only an abbreviated name of an organisation when citing in a text, and an abbreviation + full name of this organisation in bibliography. For example: Full name - “Information Commissioner’s Office” Abbreviation - “ICO” I know that, generally, to prevent the name to be abbreviated, I need to add a comma “,” at the end of a name, but I did not figure out how to make only “ICO” appear in citation and “ICO + Information Commissioner’s Office” to appear in bibliography. Thank you Regards

I couldn’t find a mention of any additional means for text manipulation (besides the comma “,” that I’ve mentioned), so I suppose the way to do this is to use a custom field in the reference type table.

Unless there are many, many of these, the otherway is to edit the citation (right click in formated citation, hide the Author in the citation and then go to “more” and  type in the abbreviation comma space in the “prefix” field. 

Otherwise you are going to need to make a whole different ref type where the full organization name in a custom field and the bibliography template uses that field instead of the author field.  

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I’ve created a new reference type field where I’m putting an abbreviation.

In bibliography I’m placing this field before the author field (where full name is) and I’ve added an abbreviation to citation style output and where necessary I’m hiding the author field manually.